LogoLounge, for the past nine years, has posted logo design trends report and they have just released the 2011 logo design trends report.

On this topic, one should not follow trends for the sake of following them. As Bill Gardner, creator of LogoLounge.com points out:

Every year, it’s worth noting that this is a report on trends, not a recipe book of styles. It is also not a finite list: There are other valid trends out there that are not mentioned here.

The report should serve you as an ongoing view of where logo design is headed. The word “trends” in itself can have a very negative cast, but in truth, trends aren’t bad. They reveal our growth. It’s our take on them that allows us to move even further forward.

It’s always interesting to peruse the report for recent logo fads – if not at least to see whether oneself has been guilty of following any.


1. Rylander Design, Baker Ave 2. Pixonal, Stallion 3. Signifly, Plesso
4. Chermayeff & Geismar Inc., Women’s Tennis Association


1. Design Ranch, Target 2. Schakalwal Design Studio, Musiq Launch 3. Vectory Belle, Box of Cravings
4. Tad Carpenter, Yummo Yogurt and Smoothies


1. Cricket Design Works, Momentum 2. PUSH Branding and Design, Blur MediaWorks
3. Corporate Movement, Waterfunk LLC 4. Judson Design, Cradle Robbers


1. Chermayeff & Geismar Inc., Conservation International 2. 1310 Studios, Orange Product Design
3. Today, Quantumize 4. Sparc, Inc., Standing O


1. United by Design, Earthmedia 2. Blackboard, green park play school 3. Mattson Creative, Discovery Channel
4. Troyca – Visual Solutions GmbH, Troyca


1. Vistaprint, Vistaprint 2. FCB Durban, Oubaai 3. RDQLUS Creative, Expeditiously Delicious
4. Sommese Design, Dantes Restaurants


A) Gardner Design, College Hill Neighborhood Association B) Hulsbosch, Woolworths Limited
C) Sunday Lounge, Weathervane Farm D) Sebastiany Branding & Design, Softway


1. 1310 Studios, Small Hands Big Art 2. Gerren Lamson, NONA
3. Defteling Design, Candywinkel 4. Odney, MBT’s


1. Helius Creative Advertising, GearSwap.com 2. Gardner Design, Pauline Reese & Blake Behrns
3. Carol Gravelle Graphic Design, Los Padres ForestWatch 4. Pierpoint Design + Branding, Rep Cafe


1. Notamedia, gogol.tv 2. Sommese Design, State College State Theatre
3. Clover Creative Group, LLC, CLOVR Media Inc. 4. Vectory Belle, Web Application


1. Noetic Brands, Green Bills 2. Shawn Wideman, Vida Church 3. petervasvari.com, ACTUART
4. Kraftwerk Design Inc., Terravant Wine Company


1. BrandBerry, Artive 2. Higher, Voscast 3. Dickerson, Healing Touch
4. Frog Design, Microsoft Word


1. FutureBrand BC&H, Grupo Boticário 2. Karl Design Vienna, Bertha Benz Challenge
3. BrandBerry, Olive 4. Baris Atiker, Euroclean


1. Siren Design, Berkeley Estates 2. Vladimir Isaev, Telecom trade company
3. Dee Duncan, Razorfish 4. Publicity Upstream, Nouveaux Marches de France


1. Strange Ideas, Hunger Free Heartland Foundation 2. Iconologic, MS&L Worldwide
3. RJ Thompson, H.J. Heinz Company 4. Denis Aristov, KS-Stroy

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