Before digital type, there was Photo-Lettering, Inc. A casualty of the digital publishing revolution, most of Photo-Lettering’s timeless alphabet styles and the proprietary techniques that accompanied them have lain fallow for decades. House Industries, who acquired the collection in 2003, recently launched an online service based on the original Photo-Lettering model.

Photo-Lettering users are able to purchase single settings for $7 each or for about $2 each through several subscription programs starting at $15 per month. The final product is a downloadable vector-based .pdf file that can be placed as art and edited in any drawing program.


To all the ephemera junkies, be sure to stop by the history section of the site.

And, for fans of mid-century architecture/interiors check out The Scout’s awesome tour of Andy Cruz’s (of House Industries) home. [ For the gallery of photos, click on the next button located beneath the featured photo – bottom right corner. ]


Source: grain edit