Australian native Luke Lucas, letterer and super entrepreneur, makes some of the most unique, inspiring typographic design with a ton of character and humour out there. His work is all over design blogs and his site Life Lounge is a great resource for all things art, design, and culture related.

However, as well-known as he his I had the upmost, hardest time trying to find a photo of him for a school assignment. I’m not the biggest fan of having my mug shot posted all over the net but if this “blog project” has taught me anything, you can’t hide from Google – they will find you.

In the end, I did manage to find what seems a 2009 photo on The Jacky Winter Group’s website (they represent Australian illustrators around the world). Although, how bizarre was it that it was this hard to find an image of Luke Lucas the typographic illustrator, I found countless other Luke Lucas’s but they weren’t necessary the right ones.

Luke Lucas?

Regardless of what he looks like, it is his work that speaks volumes. The following are some of his pieces, you can check out more of his at his website

Luke Lucas
MAXIM Magazine – Hot 100
This was a type treatment design for the front cover polybag plastic wrap of a special edition of the gent’s publication Maxim Magazine.

Luke Lucas
Esquire Magazine – Grooming
This was a headline treatment for a section on grooming in the US men’s style magazine Esquire. The brief was to create a type illustration and some additional hairy graphical elements.

Luke Lucas
Grill’d – Burger Love Tour
A simple type treatment for a series of posters for the Australian “gourmet” burger chain Grill’d. The promotion is for a mobile burger kiosk (in an old airstream caravan) that’s bringing burgers to the people.

Luke Lucas
NY Times – Sweet & Savory
This illustration was commissioned by the NY Times for the cover of their Dining section.

Luke Lucas
MTV – CSA, Promiscuous Type
These series of type treatment were part of a safe sex community service campaign for MTV targeted at people cheating on their partners.