In perusing the web for Avenger stuff I came across the artist Dave Perillo, who amongst other things recently participated with Gallery 1988 in their “Assemble” exhibition which featured art inspired by the super heroes in Marvel’s The Avengers.

I dug deeper into Perillo’s work and discovered his illustration style is drawn from a retro-inspired background of 50s and 60s album covers and character designs; he combines pop culture with this vintage aesthetic to create works of art that are both strikingly bold and brilliantly simple.

Perillo keeps an ongoing diary of his work showcased at his blog Montygog’s Art-O-Rama, which is definitely worth an extra look.

Dave Perillo - Avengers

Dave Perillo - Goonies

Dave Perillo - MonsterSquad

Dave Perillo - Muppets

Dave Perillo - True Blood

Dave Perillo - Bridesmaids

Dave Perillo - Wizard of Oz