Esther Aarts Illustration

Dutch artist Esther Aarts has a nice collection of illustrations, many of which incorporate smiling people and objects, hand drawn lettering, and neat textures.

She says her “subjects are generally fairly light and playful. I like mocking people and ideas, but in a very gentle way. Mostly I’m just telling small stories that hopefully amuse people!”

I like the fact that she keeps her colour palette simple so the subjects and/or story are what stands out. Nice work!

Esther Aarts

Esther Aarts

Esther Aarts

Esther Aarts

Esther Aarts

Esther Aarts


The Wander Postcard Project

The Wander Postcard Project is a collection of postcards from “everywhere, yet nowhere at once” created by illustrators from all over the world. Below are a few of my favourites; you can also check out their blog as new postcards are being added frequently to their growing online collection. They’re even available to download as high-res iPad or iPhone wallpaper!

On Wander Postcard Project

On Wander Postcard Project

On Wander Postcard Project

On Wander Postcard Project

On Wander Postcard Project

On Wander Postcard Project

Modern Minimalist Fairy-Tale Posters

Christian Jackson of Square Inch Design, created a series of hyper-minimalist poster designs for a myriad of classic children’s stories we’ve grown to know and love. Check out the poster’s below or buy the prints here.

Among the illustrations, you will encounter classics such as Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and The Little Red Riding Hood. It’s interesting to observe how the designer managed to highlight the core idea of each story with only a few elements — a little trip down memory lane.

Christian Jackson (Square Inch Design) - Riding Hood

Christian Jackson (Square Inch Design) - Rapunzel

Christian Jackson (Square Inch Design) - Wizard of Oz

Christian Jackson (Square Inch Design) - Pinocchio

Christian Jackson (Square Inch Design) - Snow White

Dave Perillo’s Retro-Inspired Illustrations

In perusing the web for Avenger stuff I came across the artist Dave Perillo, who amongst other things recently participated with Gallery 1988 in their “Assemble” exhibition which featured art inspired by the super heroes in Marvel’s The Avengers.

I dug deeper into Perillo’s work and discovered his illustration style is drawn from a retro-inspired background of 50s and 60s album covers and character designs; he combines pop culture with this vintage aesthetic to create works of art that are both strikingly bold and brilliantly simple.

Perillo keeps an ongoing diary of his work showcased at his blog Montygog’s Art-O-Rama, which is definitely worth an extra look.

Dave Perillo - Avengers

Dave Perillo - Goonies

Dave Perillo - MonsterSquad

Dave Perillo - Muppets

Dave Perillo - True Blood

Dave Perillo - Bridesmaids

Dave Perillo - Wizard of Oz

The Avengers Poster Series

Mondo, the collectible art boutique arm of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, has released a series of posters honoring Marvel’s The Avengers.

Seven different talented Mondo artists have been tapped to create a poster for each member of the super heros team plus one featuring all The Avengers. Each artist had their own take on capes, shields, hammers and masks that has made for an amazing collection.

The posters were limited to just a few hundred copies a piece and as such, sold out literally within minutes of them announcing that they were available to buy. If you were one of the lucky few, congrats!

Marvel’s The Avengers: Hawkeye
Hawkeye Artist: Tom Whalen

Marvel’s The Avengers: Black Widow
Black Widow Artist: Olly Moss

Marvel’s The Avengers: Thor
Thor Artist: Martin Ansin

Marvel’s The Avengers: Hulk
Hulk Artist: Ken Taylor

Marvel’s The Avengers: Captain America
Captain America Artist: Phantom City Creative

Marvel’s The Avengers: Iron Man
Iron Man Artist: Kevin Tong

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